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Income & expenses

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Invested capital 

In total SNPS invested assets of 389 million euros. The invested capital is therefore virtually unchanged compared to 2021. Negative investment results have been offset by new premium deposits.

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Investment results 2022 was a difficult investment year and that was reflected in the returns of all Life Cycle portfolios*. The investment results for 2022 were 61 million euros negative.

* These are the investment portfolios you choose between when you build up your pension at Shell and give you the opportunity to take more or less risk with your investments.


Total pension and asset management costs in 2022. The pension management costs per participant are € 339 (2021: € 340).

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Funding ratio

The funding ratio of the CVP*
was around 95% at the end of 2022.


* The Collective Variable Pension is the investment portfolio of SNPS, with which you continue to invest after retirement. This portfolio not only depends on the investment results of one year, but spread it out over a period of five years. As a result, even after such an extremely turbulent investment year as 2022, you will not have to deal with a pension reduction. Indeed; due to the positive results in previous years, there is a small plus in the pension benefits. Participants can make a provisional choice to join the CVP allocation circle at the age of 58. Most participants in SNPS who retire consciously choose to participate in the CVP.

Asset management costs

The asset management costs as a percentage of average invested assets are 0.38% (2021: 0.31%).

* Asset management costs are the costs incurred for the management of the assets.

Transaction costs

The transaction costs* as a percentage of The average invested capital is 0.09% (2021: 0,09%).

* By transaction costs we mean all costs that must be incurred for the purchase and sale of securities and shares.


In total there are 3755 participants. In 2022, on balance, 528 participants joined the gross pension scheme.


In total there are 3862 participants. In 2022, on balance, 81 participants joined the net pension scheme.